Tom Cruise turned down the chance to star in a succession of sequels to his breakthrough film Top Gun, because he wanted to play a wide range of characters.

Cruise, who starred as ace pilot LT PETE 'MAVERICK' MITCHELL in the 1986 smash, was determined not to become typecast and has striven to take on varied parts over the years.

The actor says, "I never think in terms of what other people are going to think. It really comes down to whether I'm interested in the story and the character.

"I mean, look at my pictures from Born on the Fourth of July and INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE to MAGNOLIA and Rain Man.

"After I finished Top Gun, they wanted me to do Top Gun 2 and 3. But I'm interested in a lot of different kind of movies, in people and life. And I'm definitely interested in working with (his COLLATERAL director) Michael Mann (again)."

21/10/2004 02:24