Hollywood star Tom Cruise is set to live like a king when he films the next installment of the Mission Impossible franchise - in a German palace.

The Minority Report heart-throb, 42, and his entourage will live in the rented Palais Parkschloss complex in the capital Berlin, when Cruise and director JJ ABRAMS start work on the eagerly anticipated MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3.

Cruise will pay over 30,000 euros ($36,600/GBP20,300) a month to live in the 2,745 square metre (29,546 square foot) compound, which includes three elegant villas and a 12,000 square meter (129,166 square foot) garden with a helicopter pad on Wannsee lake.

An employee of the actor says, "He chose the Parkschloss because the security standards are nearly perfect.

"The area offers the best protection against undesired guests with a complete alarm system and various motion detectors."

Cruise was originally scheduled to reprise his role as ETHAN HUNT in October (04), but filming has been delayed until the new year (05) so he can concentrate on War of the Worlds with Steven Spielberg.

13/08/2004 09:26