Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise left his bodyguards at home during his three-hour walkabout at the London premiere of COLLATERAL on Thursday (2SEP04) - because he wanted to look "down to earth".

Cruise failed to even batter an eyelid when over-zealous fans tried to get closer to him outside the Leicester Square event.

A source explains, "Tom took stock of the situation really quickly but was obviously shaken up.

"One guy jumped over the barrier. It was quite alarming - luckily the security intervened.

"But this guy was grabbing Tom, clinging onto him. Another guy slipped past police into the sealed area and tried to sneak up on Tom and his co-star Jada Pinkett-Smith.

"He was busy pleasing fans - posing for pictures and making surprise phone calls on people's mobiles - he really risked a lot during his two-hour walks around."

05/09/2004 10:27