Tom Cruise considers the "anti-social personality" he plays in COLLATERAL as a "force of nature" different to any other character he has played.

The Hollywood star, 42, who plays a menacingly adept hitman VINCENT prowling Los Angeles for his pre-selected victims in the Michael Mann film, was thrilled to play such a "dynamic" role.

Cruise says, "I've never played a character like this before.

"Vincent interested me because he is such an anti-social personality, bringing destruction and chaos with him wherever he goes. He's a force of nature."

While Cruise has played "unlikable" characters in films Rain Man, Interview With the Vampire and MAGNOLIA, he believes this part is "different" to those morally ambiguous men.

He says, "I didn't worry about playing him, though. And I don't think of it as (image-bending), really.

"Vincent has his own moral clarity that I found dynamic. He doesn't think he's evil - he's got a job to do and he's going to do it.

"There's another side to the movie as well, about people who've had (Vincent's) traits, yet there are aspects that you like.

"WINSTON CHURCHILL said about HITLER, 'I'm glad I never met the man, I might have been charmed by the little devil.'

"That's a very extreme example, but it means, be aware of that."

02/08/2004 21:32