Tom Cruise has invited Katie Holmes' recently widowed sister to move into their Beverly Hills mansion as she grieves the loss of her estranged husband.
Joseph Jeffrey Fretti, who was married to Holmes' eldest sister Tamera, died after suffering a heart attack at his mother's home in Sarasota, Florida on 12 April (09).
Tamera, 41, had filed for divorce on 13 February (09), but was left distraught by the tragedy, and, after seeing how worried actress Holmes was for her sister - a single mum of two, Cruise decided to extend a helping hand to his sister-in-law and welcome her and her kids into his home.
A source tells the National Enquirer, "Katie was so worried and upset for Tammy. They are really close and Katie wanted to help any way she could.
"Then Tom came up with the idea of inviting Tammy and the boys to live with them. It meant Katie could keep a close watch on her sister and help her through this tough time. Tom really was a saviour. He wants Katie to be happy, and he knew this would make it so much easier for her.
"The fact that Tom stepped forward and offered to open his home to Tammy and her boys was a great comfort to Katie, her sister and the entire Holmes family at this difficult time."
The exact cause of 48-year-old Fretti's death has yet to be determined; an initial autopsy was deemed inconclusive, although the medical examiner has already ruled out foul play.