Tom Cruise often frustrated the girls he dated when he was growing up - because they always had to kiss him first.

The Hollywood actor, whose older sisters' friends used to use him for kissing practice, admits he never wanted to offend any of his female admirers by making the first move.

He says, "Being raised by four women - my mom and three sisters - I've always had a tremendous respect for women... I found it very easy to talk to girls. They'd ask me for advice.

"I was very respectful. I was so respectful that a girl had to kiss me. It got to the point where one girl said, 'Look, are you going to kiss me?' And I said, 'Would you like me to?'

"I was the kind of guy you'd talk to, and then I'd wait for a girl's knee to brush against mine."

And Cruise admits another factor in his delay with making a move on girls was his difficulty in reading signals.

He adds, "When I was about eight, this girl in class slammed a chalkboard into my hand. At the dinner table I said to everybody, 'This girl is crazy!' They said, 'She's got a crush on you.' I thought, 'What is the matter with you women?' They were like, 'Oh, be flattered.' She almost broke my hand!"

24/08/2004 02:45