Tom Cruise isn't letting the media circus surrounding his personal life affect the release of MISSION: Impossible III, insisting journalists who generate tabloid headlines are unhappy with their own lives. The star has been at the centre of a media frenzy since he started dating fiancee Katie Holmes last year (APR05), which reached a fevered pitch with the birth of their baby SURI last week (18APR06). He explains, "When I look at the people who write or say these things, I realise it's not a lot of people doing it. "It's just a few people, trying to take advantage of sensationalism." The actor claims a few interviewers have tried to bait him into combative statements or behaviour, but insists, "You just have to be who you are." He adds, "Because when I meet these people, they really seem unhappy to me. And that's too bad. Because I'm happy." The media glare has become so overwhelming recently that the star has been forced to have bodyguards accompany him to all of his press interviews. Cruise adds the attention, "seems to come in phases. This just seems a little more intense lately."