MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star Tom Cruise is furious, after learning of a fake press release heralding his plans to lecture on the evils of psychiatry.

Among the reputed topics that the star was falsely said to be touching upon at his religion's Scientology Celebrity Center headquarters in Los Angeles next month (OCT05), were, "How Psychiatry Invented Schizophrenia" and "Handling Sexual DisOrientation".

But Cruise's attorney BERT FIELDS, says he plans to track down whoever is behind the fake release, telling Radar Online, "It's totally phoney. Tom is not giving any lectures... In my view, it's forgery, wire fraud and, apparently, committed on an interstate basis.

"You could tell from looking at the names of the supposed lectures that it's nothing that comes from Tom. You know, 'Out of the Closet and into the Auditing Room' is not something Tom is going to put as the name of a lecture. He's not, in fact, giving any lectures. If he did I would sell tickets."

Cruise sparked controversy earlier this year (05), when he attacked Brooke Shields for taking medicated drugs to help her through her postpartum depression.