Single actor Tom Cruise is holding out hope to find a third wife.

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star is divorced from actresses Mimi Rogers and NICOLE KIDMAN - and split from Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz in January (04) - but he's still hoping to find wedded bliss.

He tells magazine LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL, "I'm a romantic. I probably will get married again at some point. Just because things didn't work out with Nic doesn't make me feel that it can't work out for me.

"I guess I have a dark side - getting a little cynical. But I'm really an optimist. I see the cup as half full not half empty."

But while Cruise has a bright outlook for his romantic future, he admits he's still scarred by 2001 collapse of his 11-year marriage to Kidman.

He says, "It was a very painful time, the toughest time I've ever been through in my life, but I have a lot of respect for Nic and I always will. We're in a great place now and we're very protective of or kids."

Before wedding Kidman in 1990, Cruise had a brief three year marriage to LOST IN SPACE star Rogers, which ended the same year.

27/06/2004 21:09