Tom Cruise is glad he mended his broken relationship with his father before his death - because he didn't want to "live in blame and regret".
The Hollywood actor endured a turbulent childhood and has previously accused his dad, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, of being a "bully" before his mother walked out on him and took the star, then aged 12, and his sisters with her.
Cruise was estranged from his father for many years, and had gone a full decade without seeing him when he discovered his dad was dying in hospital in the early 1980s.
The actor decided to make up with his father and visit him in hospital - and the meeting gave them both the chance to put the past behind them.
Cruise tells Esquire magazine, "I hadn't seen my father in about 10 years. I found out he was dying, and I went to see him in the hospital. He knew... that he'd blown it. There was deep regret. I think he was torturing himself. We tend to do that. All I could do was tell him, 'Look, it's okay.' I wasn't going to live in blame and regret."