Hollywood actor Tom Cruise gave fans a glimpse of his youthful side yesterday (05AUG04), when he danced to a track by Eminem's rap collective D12 on live TV.

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star appeared on MTV show TRL with Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith to promote their new movie COLLATERAL.

While sporting a tie given to him by a fan, Cruise decided to show off the moves he picked up at the opening party of the UBRANWORLD FILM FESTIVAL the night before in Harlem, New York - by dancing with TRL host LALA to D12's HOW COME.

A stunned LaLa exclaimed, "The hood has changed you!"

Foxx says of Cruise, "Tom Cruise came uptown to Harlem and just changed the whole game. He's got a ghetto pass now. We got you TC, you're part of us, baby!"

Cruise adds, "DOUG E FRESH was in the house (at the Urbanworld party). I was hanging out with him about a year ago and I said, "I'm coming to Harlem.'"

06/08/2004 09:29