Movie superstar Tom Cruise is hoping to show off his culinary skills this Christmas by treating his sister and her family to a terrific turkey dinner.

The actor has been living with his sister and her three kids for much of this year (03), and he's determined to at least make sure they're all fed well.

Cruise, who famously cooked up spaghetti Carbonara on his first date with Penelope Cruz, plans to prove he can also whip up a mean Yuletide feast.

He says, "I can cook. I've cooked turkeys in my day. I hope to this year, unless my mom's around. My mother is a great cook and when she's around I like her stuffing best with her turkey."

Cruise fears his own kids and his sister miss out on so much at Christmas - because they can basically get whatever they want.

He explains, "One of the best Christmases I had as a kid was when we didn't buy each other stuff. My mother came up with this idea to pick names out of a hat and for a month you had to do something and then on Christmas day you had to write a poem or a story for that person.

"We had to do something special for that person every day for a month leading up to Christmas. You couldn't reveal who it was, so all five of us were running around doing things.

"I had my sister so I had to go and make her bed when she was in the shower because you can't get caught. It was fantastic."

23/12/2003 09:07