Tom Cruise is furious at DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' close friend and biographer ANDREW MORTON - over a scathing biography he wrote about the actor. Morton has reportedly been forced into hiding because of aggressive threats made to him by Cruise's associates in the Church of Scientology. The author, who has written revealing books about the lives of British royal Diana and Monica Lewinsky, is set to publish a book shedding light on the sexuality and beliefs of one of Hollywood's most secretive yet powerful stars. Morton says he has been forced to sell his London home and "disappear" as a result of threats made to him by Scientologist's and supporters of Cruise following his investigative enquiries into the lives and loves of the Mission Impossible star. He tells British newspaper the Sunday Express, "I have received threats from the Scientologist's and things have become pretty heavy - to the extent that it's almost more than my lawyers can handle. "I've sold my flat and I'm not telling anyone where I'm moving to. I intend to disappear for a while." Morton says that researching the Royal Family was like "a walk in the park" compared to finding out about Cruise and his controversial beliefs.