Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Tobey Maguire are fighting to buy ROB LOWE's luxurious house in California, because both stars have decided it is their dream home.

Cruise is desperate to turn the $7 million (GBP4 million) property, located just a few doors up from talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, into a love nest for fiancee Katie Holmes, but the SPIDER-MAN star had the same idea for his girlfriend JEN MEYER.

However, the War of the Worlds actor believes he has an advantage over his bidding rival - he has been friends with West Wing heart-throb Lowe for over 20 years.

A friend of Cruise tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "Tom is hoping his history with Rob will count in his favour. They co-starred in THE Outsiders back in 1983."

13/07/2005 01:45