MINORITY REPORT star Tom Cruise has finally finished shooting new movie THE LAST SAMURAI - and he can't wait to cut his hair and get rid of his beard.

The Hollywood actor, dating Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz, has spent the last four months in New Zealand making the movie, set in the 19th century, which has required him to grow longer hair and a grizzly beard.

And the actor, whose work in New Zealand finished on Friday (09MAY03), admits he's glad to be shedding his unkempt look.

He says, "I'm not Mr Fashion Statement Guy. The beard took a little getting used to, but I'm looking forward to cutting the hair and getting rid of the beard."

But before he sits in the barber chair, Cruise plans to take in some of New Zealand's natural beauty.

He adds, "It's a beautiful place to work and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some time to do a little climbing, hiking and maybe a little surfing. I'll see how it goes."

11/05/2003 21:29