Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise is jealous of the privileged lives his children lead - because he had few opportunities during his formative years.

The WAR OF THE WORLDS star has two adopted children, 12-year-old ISABELLA and 10-year-old CONNOR, and is determined to give them everything he dreamed of as a youth.

But Cruise sometimes wishes he could trade places with them, because he missed out on exciting experiences as a child.

He says, "I love children, and I have to tell you my kids have such a great life that, to be honest, I sometimes want to be them.

"There are so many cool things we do together. When they were only two years old I was teaching them how to ride motorcycles and go-karts, and now they're a bit older they're licensed scuba-divers.

"We travel the world together and they get to do the things I used to dream of as a kid.

31/07/2005 10:37