Scientology lessons haven't just helped Tom Cruise overcome dyslexia and learn how to fly a plane, they have also turned him into a master cook, according to movie mogul Sydney Pollack.

The actor/director, who starred alongside Cruise in 1999's Eyes Wide Shut and directed him in The Firm, was amazed how quickly the movie hunk picked up his own culinary skills by using Scientology's educational doctrines.

Cruise has often credited the church's learning tools with helping him overcome dyslexia and giving him the confidence to become a pilot, but it's a little known fact he has also become an expert in the kitchen thanks to Scientology.

Pollack explains, "During Eyes Wide Shut, he didn't know how to cook anything, so he would sit there and videotape everything I did and write it all down and practice them (dishes).

"Now he can cook every single one of those dishes. I'm quite sure there's something in Scientology that works in a positive way for him - that he finds a sense of validity or encouragement or motivation."

16/06/2005 21:36