Tom Cruise is seriously considering turning last week's (15Jan09) Hudson River plane rescue into a blockbuster movie.
Like all flying enthusiasts, the actor - a keen pilot - was left stunned by US Airways' Captain Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger's heroics as he landed his plane on the river after the craft collided with a flock of geese upon departure from New York's LaGuardia airport.
All 155 passengers and crew were safely escorted from the sinking plane, and Cruise still can't believe the plane landing didn't become a huge tragedy.
He says, "It's remarkable."
And speaking to U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, he admits he is interested in turning Captain Sullenberger's heroics into a major movie.
He adds, "I was with people today and they said, 'There's a movie in here.' I'm thinking about that."
The actor is also thinking about calling Capt. Sullenberger personally - to express his admiration for the job his fellow pilot did: "To have done such a heroic job... I know what it's like, because we train for emergencies and then for it to happen and to have it turn out the way it did - that's how we want them all to end."