LATEST: Hollywood star Tom Cruise has had a dramatic change of heart - vowing to attend the London and Paris, France, premieres of MISSION: Impossible III instead of returning to his fiancee and new baby. Cruise made the announcement in Rome, Italy, where he kicked off the movie's promotional tour last night (24APR06), insisting Katie Holmes had changed his mind. He said, "We discussed it. She said, 'You know, things change.'" The actor is expected in London this evening (25APR06) before flying to Paris for another screening tomorrow (26APR06). He adds, "I realise the fans are going to be there in London and Paris and, you know, everything is cool. "So we're going to hit it. We're going to bang it." After joining other cast and crew members to greet thousands of fans in Rome's Piazza del Popolo, Cruise said to the crowd, "I want to thank you for the warm welcome that you've given to my daughter SURI and my fiancee Katie, and I just love you all."