The news Tom Cruise is to play a German aristocrat who tried to kill Adolf Hitler has angered the Second World War hero's oldest son. Berthold Von Stauffenberg is furious Cruise will portray his dad Count Claus Schenk Von Stauffenberg, who unsuccessfully attempted to blow up Hitler in 1944, in upcoming movie Valkyrie. Von Stauffenberg is particularly upset with Cruise's "off-putting" devotion to the Scientology faith, a religion he calls a "business". The 72-year-old tells German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, "I hoped for a while that it was all just a publicity stunt by Mr. Cruise. "It is sure to be crap. Of course, I could be wrong - I would like to be. "I am not saying that Cruise is a bad actor - I cannot judge that. But, in any case, I fear that it could turn into horrible kitsch. "He should keep his hands off my father. He should climb a mountain or go surfing in the Caribbean. I don't care, as long as he stays out of it."