Tom Cruise persuaded rapper Kanye West to change his mind about creating a new theme for MISSION: Impossible III by paying him a visit.

The movie star was adamant West should be involved in the soundtrack and when the rap star announced he was too busy to play around with the classic theme, Cruise refused to take no for an answer.

Cruise tells MTV News, "I'm a big fan of his work and we said, 'What's Kanye doing?' - 'He's busy, busy, busy.'

"So... I went by and he's got two songs that he wrote that are just unbelievable - he did a version of Mission: Impossible and an original... It is 'Wow'.

"When you see an artist that you just respect and he's so talented. I was like, 'Man, I'd love to see what he's gonna do with this.'

"You've got to hear what he did with it. It's Kanye West and it's really extraordinary. I looked at him and said, 'Man, you killed it.'"