Tom Cruise has rebuked speculation his new baby will be raised a Catholic, despite fiancee Katie Holmes' devout upbringing in the Church. Speaking on ABC's PRIMETIME, to be aired tonight (14APR06), Cruise insisted his bride-to-be was a full convert to Scientology, and the couple had no plans of raising their child, due this month (APR06), any other way. He said, "No, I mean you can be Catholic and be a Scientologist. You can be Jewish and be a Scientologist. But we're just Scientologists." It was the first official confirmation the former DAWSON'S CREEK star has switched to Scientology, and Cruise maintained the move has not caused a rift with her Catholic parents, as some publications have reported. The actor boasted he enjoyed a close relationship with "the whole family" and, when asked if they approved of his controversial beliefs, he nodded "absolutely yes".