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I think Tom and Katie should be left alone by the media to enjoy parenthood. The media and critics are really cruel and self righteous. Suri is an abbreviation of Surya which in Sanskrit or Hindi means Sun or Sunshine. Please leave them be

Posted 11 years 2 months ago by shantha

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If you check out his bio, indeed he did drop out to go to NYC to act.

Posted 11 years 4 months ago by Carolyn2006

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Courtesy of Wikipedia concerning Tom Cruise: "Cities where he lived included Ottawa, Canada, Louisville, Glen Ridge, New Jersey (where he graduated from Glen Ridge High School) and Wayne, New Jersey. In all, Cruise attended eight elementary schools and three high schools. He briefly attended a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati and aspired to become a Catholic priest." As much of a jerk as he pretends to be I don't think he's a high school dropout.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Larry in Texas

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OK, now it's official. Thomas Cruise Mapother is officially STUPID (a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, dull-witted, cross-eyed, shrimp-sized, duh-brained, gomer) and his zombie girlfriend-of-the-month (a knobby kneed, depressed and droopy, greasy-haired, nondescript, pathetic, permanently-addled, numbskull twit) is officially out to lunch. Tom Cruise’ brain-dead stupidity is as stunning as his arrogant craftiness is cunning. The capitalist system has allowed this high-school drop-out to become a multi-millionaire, yet he believes that others should suffer under socialism. He is a stupid, but cunning, hypocrite. He has lectured the entire world audience that he “knows all about psychiatry” yet he is a high-school drop out. He is a stupid liar; brash with confidence in his own superiority.He lectured a new mother (Brooke Shields, who also happens to be a college graduate) about her personal experience with post-natal depression. His arrogance and stupidity mask the evil he possesses in abundance. A properly socialized person would have held his tongue, particularly if he could not empathize (and refused to sympathize) with her condition. Thomas Cruise Mapother is an insensitive (and inappropriate) creep. TC has convinced his brain-dead female victim to leave her family faith, and to believe in his bizarre views of Space-Alien-Ville, in much the same way that Michael Jackson expected his young charges to reject their family values when entering Neverland. Is TC Mapother in the same league as the gloved one? Tom Cruise Mapother now causes a normal person’s skin to crawl. Why was this not evident long ago? Or, is his snake morphing a more recent phenomenon?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by scarlettroyal

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