Tom Cruise has always pushed his body to the extreme, and almost killed himself as a child trying to parachute off a garage roof. In adulthood, the actor has pursued daredevil roles in Top Gun, Minority Report and the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies - but he insists he has craved adrenaline since childhood. Cruise says, "It's all about how hard I can push it, I've always been like that. "I'm the guy who's broken every bone in my hand, broken my nose twice, snapped my ankle and toes and had my teeth knocked out. "I remember when I was four years old I'd been playing with my GI Joe parachute and thought I could do the same thing. I tore the sheet off my bed, took a rope and tied the sheet to my arms, climbed up on the garage, then I jumped. "All I remember is my knees ripping past my ears and - boom - I hit the ground. That wasn't the smartest decision of my life, but I've got a little more smart as time has gone on."