Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are rarely seen in public with their nine-month-old daughter SURI because they fear she may be the target of kidnapping plots, according to media reports in the US. The last time Suri was spotted in public was a brief appearance in her father's arms during her parents' honeymoon last year (NOV06), where the couple were surrounded by eight bodyguards. During the baby's appearance at the couple's wedding in Italy, the family took extra security precautions and were protected by 200 police officers, as well as members of an Italian security force. According to US publication Star, the couple fear the extreme public interest in the baby could make her a prime target for abduction. A source says, "The world was so obsessed with getting its first peek at Suri, I think Tom and Katie might have decided to keep her under wraps to prevent some wacko from trying to abduct her." Other celebrities whose children have reportedly been targets of foiled kidnapping plots include US talk show host David Letterman, VICTORIA and David Beckham and Russell Crowe.