Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce just got real. The Hollywood A-list couple have assembled their respective legal teams, and they're both packing some serious fire power, reports People magazine.
In Cruise's corner, it's Los Angeles divorce attorney Dennis Wasser, who previously represented the actor in his 2001 divorce from Nicole Kidman. He's also enlisted the help of entertainment litigator Bert Fields - a veteran of the industry who has been by Cruise's side for years. Wasser's daughter is the top showbiz attorney Laura Wasser, who has been involved with clients Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Jane Fonda. Attorney Robert Brandt said of Cruise's team, "Dennis is a gentleman and exceptionally bright.His ultimate goal is to settle cases, but he won't do it out of weakness. He's not intimated by anyone". Attorney Larry Stein said Bert Fields, "is considered the dean of entertainment trial lawyers", adding, "He's not a brash person; he's quietly aggressive. He's a Harvard Law graduate who uses his intellect and charm to win his cases". It seems as though Holmes has gone for a younger legal team, choosing New Jersey based attorney Jonathan Wolfe, 36, as well as New York natives Allan Mayefsky and Michael Mosberg. Though lesser known in showbiz circles, Wolfe has handled plenty of high powered cases, including the divorce of football star Braylon Edwards. Randall M. Kessler, one of Wolfe's partners, said, "He is the finest of the fine.He comes from a family of successful lawyers, including his identical twin brother". Another source called Wolfe as "cool as a cucumber" under pressure, adding, "He's aggressive, but he leans toward trying to keep cases, as much as possible, out of the courts. Without any question, he knows how to maintain privacy and discretion and knows how to negotiate deals. Whatever the outcome is, it'll be fair for both sides".
Though a prenuptial agreement means Holmes will walk away with hardly any of Cruise's huge fortune, the proceedings will mainly surround their daughter Suri, who Katie will no doubt want full custody of.