Scottish actor Tom Conti has made a public plea to his soccer star neighbour in London to abandon plans to demolish and rebuild his home as the project will cause "such destruction".
The Shirley Valentine star is angry that former Arsenal captain Thierry Henry is planning to knock down his sprawling Hampstead property and rebuild it in order to accommodate a giant fish tank, and he is now urging the sportsman to rethink the proposed renovation.
Conti tells London's Ham & High newspaper, "If someone wants a larger house why do they not just buy one somewhere else? Why do they have to knock it down? It causes such disruption.
"The noise will just be colossal because he will have to drill down for his basement. It's an absolute nightmare. The problem is he wants to build this enormous fish tank and I suppose he is going to have to build a whole new house so he can house that."
Speaking to Britain's Daily Mail, he adds, "There are a lot of retired people round here or people like me who work from home - I write - and it's a terrible disturbance.
"I've never met Thierry Henry and I've got nothing against the man at all. I'm sure he's a very nice man and he's welcome to build whatever he likes. But please not here, not next to me, with all the noise."