Actor Tom Conti has slammed London council officials for breaching the privacy of thousands of people by putting photographs of every building in the Camden borough online. The SHIRLEY VALENTINE star is horrified that anyone can go online and browse through pictures of his home. On Camden Council's site the homes of pop superstar George Michael and comedian Ricky Gervais can be seen in detail. Supermodel Kate Moss is also among the many celebrities who live in the borough. Conti says, "I can't believe this. It is grossly intrusive and a complete invasion of privacy and it is a huge expense as well. "I don't like any part of it. It is happening without anyone knowing and with no-one asking for permission. I will be asking for my house to be removed." A Camden Council spokesman says, "(The website) helps staff deal with inquiries from the public so they can see what the person is applying for or making an inquiry about. It also saves staff time in the number of visits they may need to make."