Scottish actor Tom Conti has put himself forward as a candidate for the London mayoral election in 2008. The SHIRLEY VALENTINE star plans to topple current Labour office-holder KEN LIVINGSTONE as a Conservative Party candidate, even though he isn't a supporter of the opposition party. Conti is convinced he is the man to take London forward, and is building a manifesto to oust Livingstone, who has held the powerful position since his original election in 2000. He says, "I'm not a Conservative, and I'm not Labour (ruling party) either - I'm not anything. I don't know much about the present Conservative Party, but DAVID CAMERON (party leader) seems a decent fellow. "And if they were interested in talking then of course I'd be interested in listening. Everything is negotiable in life. "I'm irritated about what's happening in London - the fact that people no longer come here. London is a wonderful city, it's a huge commercial sector, and without the commerce I'm afraid it will fall to bits. "That's what's happening now. The Americans aren't coming because of the high pound against the dollar."