British rocker Tom Clarke showed his gratitude to The Enemy's fans by personally helping out after the band's tour ticket sale launch was blighted by online errors.
Loyal devotees waited patiently for shows to go onsale on Tuesday morning (21Feb12), but they were unable to buy seats due to a glitch, which Clarke blamed on ticketing company CrowdSurge.
The singer took to his page to keep his followers informed about the situation, declaring, "We're working through a tech glitch. If the problem is not fixed by 10.15 we'll link to another page where you can buy tickets. Web team are working hard to sort it. Oh lord this is annoying... I promise we're working it out!"
Clarke later took aim at officials at the ticketing organisation, and vowed to help fans however he could.
He added, "I'm going to put it out there that if 'Crowd Surge' don't sort this s**t out in the next 20mins TheEnemy will find a new way to sell tickets. I'm not having my fans wait an hour clicking refresh after they've been the most loyal supportive bunch out there.
"I'm sat here, late for the studio clicking refresh with you peeps (people). I'm as annoyed as you are! The way I see it, if we can get it right for general sale we can get it right for our most loyal fans."
Fans were eventually able to purchase tickets and Clarke wrote in a string of posts, "It's Working!!!! GO!!!!! Go!!!!!..... Cheers for sticking with it! See you down the front! That's that sorted, fans have tickets."