The Everybody's Changing singer turned to drugs as his life started falling apart after he quit the band in 2013, and he found himself snorting cocaine alone in a friend's apartment during a sleepless four-day hell.

"At the very beginning of last year, I was staying at a friend's house, I was on my own and I'd been up for three or four days without any sleep and I'd just been taking cocaine non-stop," the 37-year-old, who is now clean, said during an appearance on Britain's Loose Women show. "I felt like I was having a heart attack and I suddenly had this realisation: I'm losing everything - my life, my daughter, my wife, everything is going to go.

"So I just felt different in that moment, it was very strange..."

Calling it his "moment of clarity", Tom turned his back on drugs, and he has his wife Natalie to thank for standing by him, calling her an "amazing woman".

"That's the crazy thing about an addiction, I think, is that it wants to take you away from the things that are truly important, that will truly make you happy in life," he said. "She (Natalie) coped with it amazingly. She has stuck by me over the years and these problems have come back, resurfaced many times and she's stuck with me. She's an amazing woman."