Fans of Tom Brady have probably lost count of the amount of hairstyles the New England Patriots quarterback have debuted over the years, though his latest trim is perhaps the most controversial of them all.
Brady attended the Met Ball in New York with his wife Gisele Bundchen, where his new slicked Mohawk initially slipped under the radar, until the following day. called the style a "Pompa-hawk" (half pompadour, half mohawk), with reports suggesting it was probably the doing of his model wife. Brady famously told New England radio host Greg Hill that he was planning to speak to her about cutting off his famous locks. Since marrying the Brazilian supermodel in 2009, Tom had debuted countless styles, with ESPN reporter Bill Simmons writing in 2010, "All Patriots fans made a pact to pretend that Brady's 2010 hairdo isn't happening. We're going to ignore it completely, even if his hair catches fire during a game and a referee puts it out with a challenge flag".
Reaction to the hairstyle on Twitter has been unanimously negative, with one fan commenting, "Tom Brady's Latest Gisele Inflicted Hair Style", and another saying, "tom brady finally cuts his stupid hair to make him look less stupid but not completely un-stupid because hes tom brady...and tom is stupid".