Tom Baxter

Tom Baxter


Tom Baxter's new album Skybound is due for release on Monday, 7th January 2008. Tom's recorded a wee feature that sees him talk about the recording process and particular tracks on the album.

In December 2006 Tom Baxter and his band stepped into Jeremy Stacey's (credits include Nerina Pallot and Sheryl Crow) studio, behind the well known live music venue The 606 club in Chelsea, London. They proceeded to record ten live tracks in five days.

With lots of laughter and late nights they put down what was the basis of Tom Baxter's second album 'Skybound', a record full of love, vulnerability and musical dexterity. 'Skybound' is loosely biographical, charting the journey from boy to man. Tom's soaring vocals highlight the poignancy of the bitter sweet, through to optimistic lyrical content of the album.

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