Funnyman Tom Arnold has quit smoking after nine years of trying to land a new movie role.

The TRUE LIES star had tried everything to get nicotine-free but nothing had worked until moviemaker Don Roos told him he had to quit for his role in new Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lisa Kudrow film Happy Endings.

Arnold feared he'd never be able to quit after failing to give up smoking during a detox programme.

"I'd gone to a non-smoking thing called WECARE, where they detox you for smoking and sugar. You fast for three days and they give you hydrocolonics.

"I did everything right except for the not smoking and not eating sugar - I would sneak out at night and go to the gas station and get sticky buns.

"I'd smoke and then I'd go into the group meetings and everyone's suffering and they're all hungry and I'd be like, `It ain't so bad, y'know. I didn't think I was gonna cheat until it got hard."

Unfortunately, Arnold admits he's now addicted to his antismoking gum, NICORETTE: "I chew it all the time... you gotta chew a lot of it. I'm completely addicted to it."

26/05/2004 20:57