Tom Arnold felt ''a kind of super love'' for his wife after she gave birth to their first child.

The 54-year-old comedian's wife Ashley Groussman, 37, weclomed a baby boy called Jax Copeland Arnold earlier this month and Tom, who has always battled fertility issues, admits that having a ''miracle'' baby has made their relationship more intimate.

He told ''I was in shock when I saw him appear because up until that moment, I didn't truly believe it would ever happen. The disappointments. The miscarriages. When you've tried and failed so many times, you eventually accept that it won't happen for you.

''When I held him, I accepted he was real and though he is obviously too good for me, he will never doubt that his father loves him very much. I also felt a kind of super love for Ashley. An intimacy and partnership and accomplishment I did not know possible.''

Tom also revealed that he found it difficult to watch Ashley undergo a C-section but he was eager to watch his child enter the world.

He explained: ''Every man will tell you there's nothing that makes him crazier than seeing the woman you love in pain.

''Most husbands don't want to watch a C-section, but I had to see my child enter this world or I didn't know if it would seem real. He's been on a very long journey. I know he's been in my dreams for 35 years.''

''The 'Sons of Anarchy' star - who was married three times, including to Roseanne Barr, before tying the knot with Ashley in 2009 - said: ''I've worked diligently to become a father for 23 years. Twenty-one cycles of in-vitro with four different women, but the moment Jax was born I realised that this was exactly the way it was meant to be. I was ready because I was healthy and had the perfect partner.''