Actor Tom Arnold has landed pal Arnold Schwarzenegger in hot water after suggesting the California Governor was being far from honest when he blamed his Christmas (06) leg break on a skiing accident on a US TV show. The action man, who co-starred with funnyman Arnold in True Lies, was forced to conduct his state inauguration celebration medicated and on crutches after telling the media he fractured his femur in a pre-Christmas (06) skiing accident. But his loose-lipped pal let it slip that the skiing accident may have been a little exaggerated when he appeared on US chat show LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O BRIEN on Monday (19MAR07). After teasing host O'Brien, by saying, "I can't say what he really did," Arnold continued with his side of the story, adding, "He was getting ready to ski. Maria brought him some really hot chocolate - she's a great wife - and it was so hot that he thought that she was trying to kill him. He got mad... and he fell down." The funnyman refused to go into more details about the accident, but then poked fun at Schwarzenegger's claims he refused heavy medication - claiming his pal guzzled strong painkiller Vicodin. Arnold added, "He went to the (inauguration) dance - he wasn't supposed to go - and he gets up onstage with the band and sings and dances and throws his clubs (crutches) down. "He was hurting the next day because the thing about Vicodin, that he doesn't know, is you can't dance, you have to take it every day..." Realising he was making matters worse as he spoke, the funnyman stopped short, adding, "He's not on it now, he's gonna take aspirins... Oh my God, I'm gonna get calls tomorrow."