Tom Arnold impressed the cast and crew of new baseball movie THE FINAL SEASON by facing up to a tornado in rural Iowa while they cowered in the basement of a farmhouse. The True Lies star is a native Iowan and grew up in tornado country, so when the set of the film was shut down as a storm closed in, he wasn't about to run and hide. He says, "We're out in the middle of nowhere and there's a tornado warning and the siren went off and all the California people ran into the basement of this farmhouse freaking out. "I heard the weather guy say, 'It's five miles away, it's four miles away, it's three...' but me and this other guy who's from here, I sat out on the porch in rocking chairs and just faced south and watched and waited for it. "We said, 'When the roof of that barn at the next farm blows off then we'll go into the basement with all those sweaty California people.' It was a really cool Iowa experience."