American film-maker director Todd Solondz has courted controversy in his homeland by tackling abortion in new movie PALINDROMES - but he only wants to inform his audience about the many complexities of the debate.

The HAPPINESS director is reluctant to reveal his own stance on abortion because he doesn't want to alienate either pro-life supporters, or advocates of abortion.

The 45-year-old tells film magazine HOTDOG, "I always said I don't want to make a pro-choice movie and I don't want to make a pro-life movie either, because how many anti-war movies have stopped war?

"I don't believe that movies have the power to change a person in the way that you think they do. Changes happen in more subtle ways and if I were to make a pro-choice movie the implication would be that I'm trying to convert people and that would be a vanity.

"I want to challenge them; to have them work at it a little bit, to suss it out, to examine the moral dimensions. And if I said I was pro-choice, nobody who was pro-life would go to see this movie."

23/03/2005 09:11