Maverick film-maker Todd Solondz is so full of admiration for America's under-fire abortionists, he felt compelled to tackle the controversial issue in his new film PALINDROMES.

The HAPPINESS director, who has already tackled taboo topics including paedophilia, has respect for pro-life campaigners, but he is convinced their extreme methods and vilification of abortionists is unjustified.

US President George W Bush is an ardent anti-abortionist, and placed the issue at the centre of his re-election campaign last year (04).

He says, "For a number of years, the pro-lifers in the States have been winning the battle because so many people have been murdered, bombed, attacked and assaulted that it discourages people from performing abortionists.

"To me, abortionists are just as vital as firemen - they are equally heroic in performing a service that puts their life and their family's lives at risk.

"Even if you are a pro-lifer, you have to respect the courage it takes to be an abortionist. That was one aspect of what got me writing."

04/05/2005 14:02