Rocker Todd Rundgren jumped at the chance to front the reunited The Cars because it would allow him to make certain of original frontman Ric Ocasek's lyrics. The former UTOPIA star had always questioned the lyrics from some of the group's top tunes, and used initial rehearsals to make sure his interpretation of The Cars songs were accurate. But he found group founders Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes were as mystified about some of the lyrics as he was. He says, "A lot of the words I thought were correct were not. "We went on the web on the first day of serious rehearsals to check the lyrics and still there were different takes, so we had to make a judgment call on some of the lyrics. "The only other option was to go pester Ric for the sake of accuracy. "I think we're making a pretty good guess at what the lyrics are." Ocasek has given his blessing to THE NEW CARS' reunion tour but insisted on not being a part of it.