Todd Phillips found it "so easy" to shoot the 'Hangover' sequel.

The director - who reunited original cast members Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms for the follow-up set in Bangkok - was surprised at how simple it was to film 'The Hangover II' because everyone slipped back into character.

He said: "Everyone just fell into their thing, and there wasn't the nervousness that you always have at the beginning of your movie of like, 'Where is this character coming from? What am I doing?'

"Everybody was so informed as to what they were playing, and I was informed as to what movie I was making. The cameraman was informed. It was just sort of was, in a weird way, so easy."

However the 'Due Date' creator did have trouble working in the Thai capital because it is not so "film-friendly".

He told "The difficult part was just being in Bangkok and just being disconnected from everything else. It's not a very film-friendly culture, you know? So that part was difficult and the language and all that stuff, crews, it's harder,