Troubled DIFF'RENT STROKES star Todd Bridges had to attend a rehabilitation program seven times before finally realising drugs and alcohol were ruining his life. The 41-year-old became depressed and turned to drugs soon after his hit sitcom was cancelled in 1986. Bridges says his problems started long before the series left the air and claims his abusive father helped to influence his behaviour. He explains, "He was very alcoholic and abusive to me and my mom and my brother for my entire childhood, until he moved out when I was 17. "When all of a father's emotions are dealt with through anger, that's how the child reacts." Although he had a rocky career as a child star, Bridges claims he had no reservations about allowing his eight-year-old son SPENCER to follow in his footsteps. He adds, "I don't think it's show business that causes the problems, it's the parenting!"