Former DIFF'RENT STROKES star Todd Bridges has credited his mother with helping him kick drugs - because she gave him an ultimatum the last time he was in trouble with the law.
The former child star sank into a downward spiral of drug addiction after the show came to an end in 1986, after allegedly suffering abuse at the hands of his father and being sexually molested by his former agent.
Bridges admits he was on a "suicidal path" when he was in his 20s, and after a string of arrests, a spell in prison and time in rehab, it took a final warning from his mother to finally convince him to sort his life out.
He tells U.S. talk show host Larry King, "I wanted a different life. I wanted to feel - not feel the pain anymore of all the suffering from what I was putting myself through. And, you know, once an addict gets sick and tired of being sick and tired, he wants to straighten his life out. I remember going to court one last time, mother, help me out one more time. She wasn't a caretaker. She told me that if you continue using drugs, I'll never help you again.
"And I remember going to court and I was sitting in court, and I realised that I was tired and I was ready. But at that particular time when I was ready, I still didn't know how to go about it to really change my life. And God put the right people in my path to really help me find freedom. I went to rehab. But this time I went to rehab and shut my mouth and really listened, and really realised that I had to change the heartache and pain I was feeling."