Gun-toting fans of singer Toby Keith's fans in Virginia are taking aim at the country star over a no-weapons policy at a restaurant he owns in the state.

The Beer For My Horses hitmaker's Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill has a 'No guns permitted' sign posted on the front door, even though state law permits firearms owners to carry weapons in dining establishments, and his stance has upset many potential patrons, who have taken to various social media sites to express their anger over the policy.

One Facebook user wrote, "Exactly when did fans of Toby Keith become dumb enough to think a No Guns allowed sign posted by management would protect them from criminals that don't obey the law to start with? Loved the concerts, but none of my money will ever be spent where I can't defend myself."

Another fan added, "No guns allowed? Why does he hate America so much?"

Keith has responded to the controversy in a post on the restaurant's page, writing, "While we understand and respect every person's right to own and bear arms, we at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill, with guidance from the State of Virginia and based on insurance regulations, have adopted a no weapons policy.

"It is our desire to provide a safe, enjoyable and entertaining experience for our patrons and staff."

However, not every person is upset about the rule and some have even applauded Keith for his stance, writing, "Hooray for you!!! I'm a Gun Owning (sic) advocate but booze and guns don't mix well so Thank You for providing a fun, safe environment."