Country star Toby Keith decided to name his album WHITE TRASH WITH MONEY after his daughter was shunned when she tried to join a sorority at school, and was labeled "white trash" by a snooty sorority sister. Keith's 19-year-old daughter KRYSTAL was attempting to join the exclusive girls organisation and came home and told her father about the hurtful snub. He explains, "That's where I got the album title for my last CD. "She's going to college and she was trying to get into one of the sorority houses and one of the girls said, 'Don't let her in. She's just white trash with money.' "So I named my album that. I know a title when I hear one!" Although Keith's daughter immediately loved the idea of using the insult as the album's title, Keith's wife wasn't so keen. He adds, "My wife freaked out. She was mad at the girl because she is a well known person in our community. "I view that kind of stuff as funny. I take that stuff instride and my daughter is the same way. My wife is a little more particular. "She said, 'You're not going to (name the album that).' She thought I was joking. And then I brought one home and laid it on the countertop!"