It may not have opened quite as strongly as the trilogy that preceded it in the last decade, but Sony's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' still put in a robust enough display on its opening six days at the box office to vindicate the studios decision to reboot the franchise just a couple of years after Tobey Maguire last signed off as the masked superhero.

Costing Sony $220 million, it's already more than paid that back after taking $65 million in its first weekend on the US Box Office with a total of $140 million over its first six days performance in the States, adding to a complete number of $341.2 million after two weekends of international release. More tellingly for how fans were choosing to view the film, $14.3 million of its US figures came from IMAX cinema screens.

A solid but not mind blowing opening then, with CNN reporting that its debut has been softer than any of Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' films. Six days after opening in 2002, the first of that trilogy had earned $144.1 million, whilst the second had clocked in $180.1 million after the same period of time after its release in 2004. 2007's 'Spider-Man 3' took in $176.1 million after six days, meanwhile. Nevertheless, considering some of the doom mongering going round regarding the short time between that trilogy and this film, Sony can be pleased with themselves.