Hollywood star Tobey Maguire jokily blasted a co-star on his new movie SEABISCUIT, accusing him of trying to steal the show.

Maguire plays Jockey RED POLLARD in the horse-racing drama alongside first-time actor, real-life jockey Gary Stevens,

And the actor himself admits Stevens - playing GEORGE WOOLF - was so good infront of the camera, it left the 28-year-old actor feeling insecure.

The SPIDER-MAN star says, "This was his first film and he was good. After one scene in which he was great I took him aside and said, 'Look Gary, I understand you're green and you're doing a good job but I'm the lead. This is my film and you're stealing my thunder.'"

Stevens apologised, but Maguire confessed he was just joking.

10/09/2003 09:12