Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire is pleased with his life, and has STEVEN SPIELBERG's wife Kate Capshaw to thank for his grateful attitude.

The Spider-Man 2 star, 28 - who had a nomadic youth staying with various relatives - was discussing his childhood with Capshaw, when it dawned on him how much his life has turned out for the best.

Maguire says, "When I was 19, I gave Kate Capshaw, who I was working with, a four-minute breakdown of my life.

"It was kind of heavy and she looked at me and I said, 'Would you change a minute of it?'

"That just stopped me dead and I said, 'No, not a moment.'

"I can't have regrets because then my life would be different and I wouldn't want it to be."

22/06/2004 15:17