Hollywood actors Tobey Maguire and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO have joined forces in the courtroom to block a 1995 movie they made from hitting American cinema screens.

The childhood pals have filed a joint lawsuit against JOHN SCHINDLER, a man who in court documents identifies himself as "a director and line producer" on the set of DON'S PLUM, an independent film which the stars shot in 1995, which Schindler now wants to make public.

In court documents, Maguire and DiCaprio claim they agreed to make the picture as a short film in order to have fun with a group of friends. They were also hoping to help their friends' careers by giving them a chance to get screen credit when it was shown at film festivals.

The film remained under the radar until 1998's TITANIC shot DiCaprio to superstardom.

Sources tell American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE that Don's Plum director RD ROBB wanted to capitalise on DiCaprio's success and worked with a producer to try and release it as a full-length film. But DiCaprio and Maguire fought that, arguing that was never the deal.

A confidential agreement was reached, allowing the film to only play in Europe. But now the two superstars are fighting Schindler over the same issue, alleging he wants to violate the agreement and exploit the film for his own purposes.

29/08/2004 10:50