TLC's former manager Perri 'pebbles' Reid has slammed the band and bosses at Tv network Vh1 over the way she was portrayed in a recent biopic.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The Tlc Story aired in the U.S. last week (21Oct13) and told the story of how the trio became one of the world's biggest girl groups.

The Tv film drew an audience of 4.5 million, making it the most watched original movie in Vh1's history, but Reid was left reeling.

The movie portrays the singer-turned-manager as money-grabbing and manipulative, and now Reid has set her lawyers on the channel in a bid to have certain lines retracted.

A statement from the 46 year old reads, "First I want to thank all of you for the well wishes and prayers. I apologize for the delay in responding to the movie, but I wanted to gather my thoughts. I have always been a private person and this unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family. I have needed time to spend with my family and for personal reflection.

"The movie contains many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me. Please know that I have never cheated or mislead (sic) anyone. I will defend my reputation, accomplishments, and character. My attorney is in the process of demanding a retraction of the false and defamatory statements and scenes about me from Vh1."